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Evaluation & Prize

Teacher evaluations are an important part of our own evaluation process where we work to continue improving LEARNZ virtual field trips.

It is also important you supply an evaluation so we can report to our sponsors about the how the field trip worked in different classrooms, regions, school types etc.

Teachers of enrolled classes who sent in an evaluation by Friday 4 November went into the draw to win the field trip prizes:

  • A set of 25 mini survival kits for kids, kindly donated by Survive-it.
  • 2 illustrated books "Life on the Edge - New Zealand's Natural Hazards and Disasters" and "Awesome Forces - the natural hazards that threaten New Zealandfor your school or class library, kindly donated by EQC.

Congratulations to Sabine Hartmann and class from Karangahake School!

Teachers can complete the What's the Plan, Stan? evaluation through their MyLEARNZ control panel after the field trip.

Andrew the LEARNZ Teacher

This prize draw is a competition which complies with the Gambling Act 2003 and the Gambling Act ‘Prize Competition’ Game Rules 2004.


To be eligible for the prize draw:

  1. All participants must have participated with their class, in the LEARNZ field trip relevant to this evaluation.
  2. Participants must have completed the required sections of the evaluation form.
  3. The evaluation form must be submitted by the due date.

Selection of winner:

  1. The winner will be determined by a draw made by the LEARNZ Project Director or a nominated person.
  2. The draw will ensure that luck is the only determinant in the selection of the winner.
  3. The winner will be notified by email after the due date.

The 'pencil case' survival kit for kids. Image: Survive-it.

Inside the 'pencil case' survival kit for kids. Image: Survive-it.

Book - Life on the Edge.

Book - Awesome Forces.