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Questions & Answers

A summary of questions and answers from the 2017 What's the Plan, Stan? field trip to Christchurch.

  • For earthquakes in New Zealand, are there any fault lines that haven’t been found yet? 
    Lots probably. Big earthquakes break all the way to the surface so you can see the fault. Small earthquakes don't. Erosion and activities like farming and city buildings can hide old faults eg the Greendale Fault that produced the Spetember 2010 earthquake.

  • Why are people allowed to build in areas that have flooding?
    Seems silly but often towns were built before flooding was known. Towns were built by rivers for transport, drinking water and farming.  Nowadays it is a balancing act so stopbanks can be built and housing can be built on higher platforms. Not 100% reliable.

  • How might climate change affect how we have storms in New Zealand? 
    Marion says experts are not sure but have some ideas. Warmer air can hold more water so we will get more heavy rainfall in storms. Also will get stronger winds in winter and make ocean storms worse. Some parts of NZ could have more droughts. Not sure of the details yet.

  • How do you think technology will improve in the future to help with emergency management?.
    Marion says already happening. How people are alerted is starting to happen on mobile phones. Earthquakes are detected automatically. Info can be sent to emergency management organisations quickly. Social media can hep too. People can contribute eg how strongly they felt an earthquake.

  • What happened to create the need for Civil Defence in NZ?
    Tarawera volcanic eruption in 1888 and Napier earthquake 1931 created the need.

  • Can children be a part of Civil Defence?
    Children taking information home from school can help your family and neighbours know what to do in an emergency. Know the hazards and the actions. 

  • What can we do to help our families be ready for a problem?
    Need to have enough for a family for 3 days. Food and water supplies at home. Go to new http://happens.nz web site and download plans.

  • How will we know if there has been a disaster?
    Radio, online news, social media. Mobile alerts this year.

  • Where can I find an emergency check list?
    Go to new http://happens.nz web site and get check lists and posters etc. Also "What's the Plan, Stan?" resources for schools.

  • What are the best things to have ready for an emergency?
    Probably no electricity, phone, water or drivable roads. Need spare food, water stored in a dark place 10 liters per person per day. Need something to cook on - gas cooker. Need a battery powered torch, a radio that runs on batteries, spare batteries. Need food and water for your pets. Need a plan - where to meet if you are at school or work. Get to know your neighbours.