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Get ready: Auckland volcanoes

The LEARNZ What's the Plan, Stan? 1 virtual field trip begins with Prepare Students which gets your class ready for the field trip. Teachers, look for your section on the left-hand menu of this site called Teacher Support.

This field trip experience about Auckland hazard response is the first in a series of 4.

Introduction to What's the Plan, Stan? - getting ready for an emergency. from LEARNZ on Vimeo.


On this trip you will be in Auckland. You may be surprised to learn that Auckland city is unique as it sits on a volcanic field so a volcanic eruption could happen. Also Auckland is built on an isthmus, with a harbour on each side, so its tsunami risk is real. Although Auckland does not sit directly over a fault like some other cities, it is still at risk from earthquakes. Lastly, you may also be surprised to learn that landslips generally cost New Zealand more than earthquakes as they are common; Auckland experiences landslips too.

Field Trip Plan - October 2016

Monday 10 October

Travel Day:

  • Join Andrew and the ambassadors as they make their way to Auckland to begin the field trip. During the journey, Andrew takes the chance to photograph and talk about some of the interesting features of the trip.
  • Read the diary about today's journey from Kerikeri to Auckland.
  • Check out the ambassador updates.

Tuesday 11 October

Civil Defence Emergency Management:

Wednesday 12 October

Natural hazards:

Thursday 13 October

Man-made and biological hazards:

All components in the table below are updated daily during the field trip. They remain on this website and can be used after the date of the live field trip.


Classes can send an ambassador (small toy) on the field trip with the LEARNZ Field Trip teacher. Daily ambassador updates can be read by all enrolled classes.


Students put questions live to experts who are on location during the field trip. Audioconferences can also be listened to live via LEARNZ on Adobe Connect or from a recording linked to in Audioconferences. The LEARNZ on Adobe Connect meeting room runs concurrently with each 20-minute formal audioconference and will be kept open for a further 20 minutes to allow schools to post further questions informally to be answered live.


Andrew the LEARNZ Field Trip Teacher writes a detailed diary for students to read, accompanied by 10 captioned images and panoramas for each day of the field trip - including the travel day on Monday.

Experts and Careers

Students meet each expert involved in this field trip via a profile page and short video. Potential career and training paths can also be explored on these pages.

Photo Gallery

All website and field trip photos are available in one easy-to-use location, where students can browse and select to further their interest and learning.


Short, curriculum-rich videos are made on each day of the field trip and uploaded in the evening for viewing the following day.
  • Also: Follow @andrewpenny01 #learnztrip on Twitter to join in the discussion and get updates, comments and photos straight from the field. Go to Support - Twitter for more information.