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People and Water

Allowed students to access information they would have struggled to find themselves and inspired independent study on questions students raised. This is an excellent multimedia resource with differentiated learning that supports an inclusive curriculum.

Gordon Baird from Tapawera Area School

LEARNZ field trips like this expose my students to things (places, concepts, experts etc) that they would not otherwise be exposed to.

Jan Flannery from Masterton Primary School

The variety of activities, materials and the actual (live) web conferences added value to our inquiry about water (wai). The way the topic was presented enabled my (predominantly Māori) students to put their own words to it, to explain it.

Tarakihana Roberts from Kaitao Intermediate

Very interesting and well explained. It helped my students to think about all the different users of the water and encouraged them to discuss it with whanau.

Judith Stichbury from Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu

It was effective to tune students into ideas they had not thought of, and wonder. The virtual field trip is a good way to leave the classroom without the big cost.

Kara Luke from Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School

I love how it helps my (secondary school) students see that they are part of a bigger picture and enforces the idea that small changes from individuals amount to big changes. Perfect for our topic of sustainability and worked in really well with the Sustainable Seas virtual field trip.

Jessica McConnell from Mount Hutt College

Hand-picked videos for my senior science class to show practical applications of theory. They help link an NCEA chemistry topic to the real world and show participation of science in the local community.

Lucy Meagher from Havelock North High School

Good to have a variety of ways to understand the Water topic such as web conferences, quizzes, background information etc.

Caroline Brown from Wakari School

This Water field trip fitted in well with our inquiry related to weather and it introduced the children to a variety of physical geography concepts and exmaples. It fostered curiosity and all the core competencies, and it effectively integrated a variety of curriculum areas.

Susan Fennell from Eastern Hutt School

The videos were good because they were short and they were 'in the field'. This field trip was part of our "Finding out about water" unit and so it had some useful information. The field trip medium means it is a future-focused way of delivering information and has the potential to connect students to other students' lives while covering a range of learning areas.

Philippa Hood from St Paul's School (Richmond)

The course was great for student engagement and they had fun learning about farming and irrigation.

Glen Campbell from West Spreydon School

The field trip encouraged my students to think more deeply about the topic while reflecting on what they already knew.

Emily Creasey from Red Beach School

We planned a trip to discover Canterbury based on this virtual field trip. It was good for the students to meet real life experts and it was good to follow Andrew's progress via daily updates online.

Vanessa Burrell from Haeata Community Campus

The material was definitely at an appropriate level for my Year 7-8 class. It tied in with our Science focus and enabled students to explore places that they would not usually see. It also gives them a chance to "meet" and work with outside teachers and experts.

Marcia Karaitiana from Ascot Community School

I loved the way it generated discussion and encouraged inquiry so my students really thought about how we use and manage water. I also love how the students can access the material themselves and monitor their own interest in the before and after work.

Denise Barrington from Kerikeri Primary School

The LEARNZ delivery method made it easier to work alongside students with their learning rather than in front of them. Students have been engaged and motivated to ask questions and wonder about things.

Amanda O'Brien from St Joseph's School Timaru

It fitted well with our Sustainability Social Studies topic.

Rana Richards from Mount Hutt College

Year 4-5 student comment: "It is interesting because the people know stuff that we don't know - it's good to read and watch the videos about it."

Jan Flannery from Masterton Primary School

Love the fact that the articles have an audio feature so children with low reading levels can be included too. The field trip connected to what we were learning in class and it provided a good hook-in ... and they got to learn from experts.

Lisa Davies from Red Beach School

Appropriate and effective, especially for Kaitiakitanga. Students particularly liked looking and watching the updates.

Kevin Sutherland from Ahuroa School

Year 4-5 student comment: "Doing this field trip was interesting because I was learning about irrigators and water on earth".

Jan Flannery from Masterton Primary School

Marine Mammals

It was related to a topic the students could branch out into/feel passionate about and the resources were suited and adaptable to our year 7 class. Engaging with an expert models the quest for knowledge and students take it more seriously/engage more when they know the expert has dedicated their life to their chosen field.

Dale Hitchcock from Pukekohe Intermediate

It was really well set up with appropriate material for classroom writing and got all of my students excited about marine mammals.

Nik Serhijenko from Pamapuria School

Great for motivating students, relevant and NZ based. Made me more open to interactive/web conferences/real time learning.

Karen Nicholls from Matamata Intermediate

Motivating, engaging, the short video clips hold student interest and provide plenty of scope for discussion. Well supported with activities, both paper and digital.

Caroline Arnold from Lepperton School