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What's the Plan, Stan?

Welcome to What's the Plan, Stan? - getting ready for an emergency. This field trip is supported by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management | Te Rākau Whakamarumaru and the Ministry of Education | Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga. The field trip is from 15-17 October 2019. Enrol now.


What will you do in an emergency? You probably already know to "Drop, Cover and Hold" during an earthquake. But as a citizen of New Zealand, we all need to know more about the six natural hazards that cause emergencies - floods, storms, earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes, and landslides. More importantly, we need to know about the six impacts - Stuck at home; Can't get home; Have to evacuate; No power; No water; No phone or internet.

During this virtual field trip to Hawke's Bay, explore the latest and best practice recommended for you and your school during an emergency. This field trip coincides with the 3-year anniversary of the release of the updated "What's the Plan, Stan?" resources for schools.

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New Zealand is on the "Pacific Ring of Fire". In our lifetime each of us is likely to experience a major emergency caused by a natural hazard. You might be at home, at school, or on holiday when an emergency strikes so everyone everywhere needs to know what to do.

On this trip during the week of New Zealand Shakeout, our national earthquake drill and tsunami hīkoi, you will be in the Hawke's Bay. Our islands nation sits across the boundary of two of the world's great tectonic plates so we all can be affected by earthquakes. On this field trip you will also learn more about the risks and impacts of an emergency where you live and what you can do to prepare yourself.


Field Trip Plan

  • Planning Sequence: an example of how primary schools can make use of all field trip components for a 3-day virtual field trip - PDF (178k) | Google Doc.
Monday 14 October

Travel day: Join Andrew and the ambassadors as they make their way to Napier to begin the field trip. During the journey, Andrew takes the chance to photograph and talk about some of the interesting features along the way.

Tuesday 15 October

Potential natural hazards in the Hawkes Bay:

Wednesday 16 October

Volunteers and first responders for hazard management:

Thursday 17 October

ShakeOut earthquake drill and tsunami hikoi. How schools can prepare for and respond to emergencies:

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Monday 16 September

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