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Easy background pages

Curriculum areaStrandBackground pagesActivity
 Science/Social ScienceLiving world/place and environment Managing the Taupō Fishery 5Ws & H - Word (32k) | PDF (6k)
 ScienceNature of scienceAll New Words - Word (33k) | PDF (66k) 
 ScienceLiving world Threats to EcologyCause and Effect - Word (37k) | PDF (12k)
 ScienceLiving world Introduced Weeds and Fish Poster - Word (28k) | PDF (56k) 
 SciencePlanet Earth and beyond The Water CycleRe-order the Water Cycle - Word (107k) | PDF (24k) 
 ScienceNature of science Lake Taupō's Web of Life Webs and Chains - Word (240k) | PDF (48k) 
 Social SciencePlace and environment A Precious Resource Uses of Water - Word (28k) | PDF (9k) 

Standard background pages

Curriculum areaStrandBackground PagesActivity
Science/Scocial ScienceLiving World/Place and EnvironmentManaging the Taupō FisheryComprehension and Comparison - Word (32k) | PDF (7k)
ScienceMature of ScienceAllNew Vocabulary - Word (33k) | PDF (104k)
ScienceLiving worldThreats to EcologyCause and Effect - Word (39k) | PDF (13k)
ScienceLiving worldLake Taupō's Web of LifeWeb of Life - Word (270k) | PDF (57k)
ScienceLiving worldA Precious ResourcePrecious Water - Word (29k) | PDF (36k)
ScienceLiving worldWai TourismFreshwater Tourism - Word (28k) | PDF (20k)
SciencePlanet Earth and beyondThe Water CycleHow the Water Cycle Works - Word (29) | PDF (178k)
ScienceLiving worldWhio - A Freshwater Indicator Species | Lake Taupō's Web of LifeA Whio in my Neighbourhood? - Word (115k) | PDF (86k)
ScienceLiving worldIntroduced Weeds and FishPoster - Word (28k) | PDF (19k)
MathematicsNumber and algebra/geometry and measurementA Precious Resource | Introduced Weeds and FishFreshwater Facts - Word (91k) | PDF (207k)

More Mathematics

  • Water World - Level 4 number activity from Figure it Out series. It relates to Stage 7 of the Number Framework.
  • Down the Plughole - Level 4 statistics activity from Figure it Out series.
  • Clean Enough to Drink? - Level 3+ to 4+ mathematics in science contexts activity from Figure it Out series.

Other activities

  • Sustainable Wai web quest - This task helps students become familiar with the Sustainable Wai website functions. It also assists students with their inquiry skills, particularly information gathering and asking good questions - PDF (452k) | Google doc.
  • Sustainable Wai web conference activity - Students can work on this activity as they listen to live or recorded web conferences - Word (31k) | PDF (121k) | Google doc. Notes from these pages could be shared to help put together the web conference summary - Word (34k) | PDF (72k) | Google doc.