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Curriculum Area Strand Learning Outcome Activity

Science Level 3-4

Planet Earth and Beyond

Nature of Science

  • Identify the major plates and their boundaries
  • Apply the theory of plate tectonics
  • Model movement of plates
  • Pangaea to Present - Word (152k) | PDF (192k)
  • Geohazard Impacts - Word (89k) | PDF (338k)

Social Studies Level 3-5


English Level 3-5

Place and Environment



  • Inform people how to protect themselves and their property from a disaster
  • Show how a disaster should be managed
  • Present information effectively Summarise and catergorise earthquake impacts
  • How Safe is My House Word (60k) | PDF (92k)
  • Civil Defence Poster  - Word (245k) | PDF (190k)
  • Canned Disaster - Word (2Mb) | PDF (176k)
  • Geohazard Impacts - Word (89k) | PDF (350k)

Mathematics Level 3-4

Number and Algebra



  • Apply number strategies and number knowledge to a range of problems related to the virtual field trip
  • Field Trip Number Challenge - Word (31k) | PDF (125k)
  • Geohazards Work it Out - Word (39k) | PDF (267k)

Science Level 4-8

Planet Earth and Beyond

Nature of Science

Physical World

  • See patterns in the worldwide distribution of earthquakes and volcanoes
  • Understand that New Zealand's location on a plate boundary explains why the country has earthquakes and volcanoes
  • Understand that specialists collaborate to provide evidence to support their ideas
  • Understand how base isolators protect buildings from damage during earthquakes
  • Be able to predict where future earthquakes might occur
  • Understand the movement of plate boundaries in different parts of New Zealand
  • Look for patterns in earthquake events but appreciate that earthquakes cannot be predicted
  • Explain the causes and impacts of tsunami
  • Develop an understanding that increasing stress within the earth builds up until it is released as an earthquake
  • Model how seismic waves travel through the Earth
  • Demonstrate the properties of seismic waves
  • World of Quakes and Volcanoes - Word (335k) | PDF (398k)
  • Shaky New Zealand - Word (204k) | PDF (274k)
  • Plates Quakes and Volcanoes - Word (456k) | PDF (551k)
  • Plate Boundary Models - Word (4.3Mb) | PDF (821k)
  • How Safe is My House - Word (60k) | PDF (92k)
  • Earthquake Prediction - Word (185k) | PDF (93k)
  • Slinky Simulation - Word (364k) | PDF (191k)
  • Human Molecules - Word (300k) | PDF (200k)
  • Home Disaster Kit - Word (348k)| PDF (382k)
  • A Tsunami Through the Window - Word (1.2Mb) | PDF (117k)

More Things to Try

  • Diaries and journals; keep your own field trip diary - Word (13k) | PDF (274k) | Google Doc.
  • Web conference activity. Students can work on this activity while they listen to live or recorded web conferences - Word (25k) | PDF (167k) | Google Doc. Notes from these pages could be shared to help put together the class web conference summary.
  • Web conference summary template Word (29k) | PDF (113k) | Google Doc.
  • A simple activity for students to build connections between words and improve their vocabulary. Students could enter words from the field trip glossary into http://graphwords.com/.